Zanellato: Made in Italy accessories and bags for all your looks

A story that has its roots in pure Italian spirit, made up of craftsmanship, passion and commitment; all this is Zanellato. The brand, mainly known worldwide for its fantastic lines of exquisitely Made in Italy accessories and bags, has transformed over the years from an artisan brand to an international icon of style and a recognized synonym of quality.




An announced success, the origins of Zanellato

Like many other brands of the peninsula, the story of Zanellato originates with the passion of the homonymous designer and the courageous decision to transform the business of his father, a tanner and glover, into a contemporary accessories brand without however forgetting the search for quality and innovation. Established as a point of reference in the sector, thanks to the release of the iconic Postina in 2011, the brand distinguishes itself from its competitors in the sector for an approach well rooted in the present but projected into the future.

The most famous models of the brand, a synthesis of aesthetic research and functionality, are immediately recognizable thanks to their important personality. Bags aimed at independent and self-confident women who are looking for an iconic, functional and above all unique accessory. The very high quality standards, right from the selection of the raw materials used, guarantee an impeccable product from every point of view, at an incredibly inclusive price.




The most iconic models: the Postina

Definitely one of the most recognizable bags on the luxury scene, this legendary model (whose name is an internationally registered trademark) owes its curious name to the fact that it is historically inspired by the masterpiece of Italian cinema “Il Postino”. Presented in 2011, it immediately established itself as an icon of Made in Italy, becoming a physical manifestation of the brand’s values ​​thanks to its personality and unmistakable contemporary style.

Each Zanellato Postina is made of first grain leather exclusively Made in Italy, this material follows a particular tanning process which allows to stop deterioration, maintaining an optimal level of softness without sacrificing resistance, a subsequent coloring work in wads, gives a natural effect, attenuating any irregularities. All models also have a particular philatelic stamp engraved inside one of the side studs of the shoulder strap, this symbol is made using a particular goldsmith technique (the Guillochè) which is relatively expensive and therefore difficult to replicate in counterfeit models. To dispel any doubts, you can obviously consult the unique serial number that can be found inside, a further element of distinction that makes each Zanellato Postina a unique and inimitable product.




An optimistic look to the future, Zanellato and sustainability

The brand has always been very attentive to environmental dynamics, being a relatively young institution, in fact, it can be said that it belongs to the generation most sensitive to the issue. In fact, Zanellato has always been very attentive to its polluting impact, trying to keep emissions to a minimum and continuously engaging with efforts and initiatives aimed at achieving production sustainability. An important achievement on the subject took place in 2021, when after eight years of research and development, the brand’s laboratories managed to develop Luxethic, a tanning that stands as a real alternative to both traditional and the one with aldehydes, not always risk-free.

Thanks to its Za-Lab laboratories, active since 2013 and collaborating with the departments of chemistry, materials and engineering of the Milan Polytechnic, the brand has in fact managed to develop a vegetable blend, free of chromium and with the same amount of aldehydes present in nature, thanks to an ingredient as simple as it is unexpected: the almond.
The result is surprising to the touch and to the eye, maintaining all the characteristics of a traditional Zanellato leather and even improving some of them, such as a softer and more refined grain and a lighter and more sophisticated scent, as well as reducing its weight by up to 20%.

Discover the selection of Zanellato bags available in the boutique, from the legendary Postina to more modern and innovative models, you will surely find the one that’s right for you! Explore the collection and shop comfortably from home in complete safety on jberryalessandria.com!