Golden Goose: the most loved sneakers by stars

Golden Goose is a famous Italian brand specialized in the production of handmade sneakers. Born in 2000 in a small Venetian shoe workshop, the brand is based on the vision of the two young founders, the designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. The desire to give vent and expression to one’s creativity, combined with the passion for the vintage style that characterized the golden age of Italian fashion, inspired the creation of a special and characteristic luxury line, full of personality and particular elements that make it unique and inimitable.



The Golden Goose style: a lifestyle experience between Venice and Los Angeles

After the first years, in which the brand presented itself as an all around lifestyle brand, inspired by American aesthetics and style and oriented towards a wider and less refined target, in 2007 the company created what would later become soon, the spearhead of the brand: the Golden Goose sneakers.

It might seem strange, but one of the key concepts that has led to success is imperfection. This feature, certainly not positive in itself, is the basis of the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics. In fact, imperfection also means craftsmanship, uniqueness and experience, characteristics deeply engraved in each shoe of the brand during the more than 4 hours of hand production necessary for the creation of a single sneaker. Made entirely by hand, the Golden Goose sneakers are characterized by a used look, by the use of metallic finishes and vintage details, which make them a real sight for the eyes, immediately noticed precisely because they are different from the classic clean and elegant. Venetian craftsmanship, combined with the Californian spirit, thus gives life to a masterpiece halfway between elegance and fashion and a symbol of an innovative and constantly evolving sector. Over the years they have expanded their line with refined clothing and the latest fashion accessories, arriving at the definition of total look brand with a very strong personality.



The story of Golden Goose, from its origins to international success

As anticipated, the brand was born as a small reality founded on the passion that binds young designers and on the exuberance that characterized the early 2000s. A period of extreme success from a creative point of view, in which the brand managed to establish itself first as a designer successful and, after years of constant growth, a true lifestyler and value maker of the new millennium. His legendary sneakers, by definition a meeting between the worlds of comfort and luxury, arise as a cross between different but complementary realities, the classic opposites that attract each other.

The unique style of Golden Goose, born from the harmonious union of craftsmanship and innovation, is distinguished by an inimitable and absolutely recognizable aesthetic embellished by the quality of an unparalleled manual workmanship which, as constantly reminded by the brand, is and will always remain a value essential to the brand.

The vintage look combined with a taste for innovation, the always recognizable vintage star and the inevitable side dirt that runs along the perimeter of the shoe, have over the years contributed to creating a vintage yet contemporary icon, easy to combine and perfect for any season of the year.



Visions of the future, Golden Goose and sustainability

During a presentation event in California, an emblematic US location that has always been at the heart of the brand and its artistic vision, CEO Silvio Campara reveals some of the secrets that have made the brand one of the main rising phenomena in this generation of Italian spirit, comparing them to skateboard discipline, the main focus of the Los Angeles event:

“The desire to release energy in a positive way, having fun and if possible in the open air, combined with the desire to express one’s personality in a creative way, unite Golden Goose and this discipline very much. We recognize ourselves very much in these elements and interpret them our way”

This cue underlines how much the brand and its management are focusing on certain issues such as sustainability and ecology. In contrast with the rest of the sector, Golden Goose has in fact decided to focus on strategies that are commercially disadvantageous in the short term, but completely sustainable in the long term and perfectly in line with the brand’s values. In addition to a production oriented towards the maintenance of the garments rather than their stimulated renewability, the brand in fact focuses on long-lasting usability not only as regards its articles, but the entire wardrobe of its target. With an initiative that started in Milan in June 2021, Golden Goose has in fact inaugurated a repair and customization service in its store aimed at revitalizing garments of any brand. An initiative to make consumers aware of the toxicity of compulsive consumerism and at the same time to bring them closer to the world of handicraft production and the intrinsic value of materials and processing methods, too often taken for granted.