Sportmax: innovation of the Max Mara brand

Max Mara is an internationally renowned brand that fills the windows of one hundred countries around the world every day. The brand, founded in 1951, has a turnover of over 1.6 billion euros.

Max Mara: how the leading brand in the sector is divided

Max Mara is a brand that includes nine different brands. One of the most important company values ​​is to focus on new talents and new visions, which is why the production side is very well considered. The training of new staff both in terms of organization and design makes Max Mara an incomparable leader in the market. The work challenges and the new daily proposals do not scare the Made in Italy brand but rather stimulate it to do better and better.

Max Mara is the epicenter of completely Italian luxury. The elegant and refined style is able to please every woman in all its facets by proposing a conscious approach to fashion. The feminine and determined personality allows the brand to approach even the most demanding customers. The Max Mara group pays attention to every single detail and the company policy remains clear throughout the manufacturing process.


Sportmax: innovazione del brand Max Mara


Max Mara, an innovative fashion brand

The completely Italian-made brand has, over the years, conquered the entire global market. Achille Maramotti, founder of the group, from the beginning tried to create a formula that combined a vision of artisanal but wide-ranging fashion. The roots of the brand are in fact familiar, above all thanks to the grandmother Marina Rinaldi. Max Mara therefore has strong values ​​and a solid structure as key points. The love for tailoring and total dedication to work have allowed Achille Maramotti to become a cornerstone of the fashion world.

Max Mara is known as a precursor brand of ready-to-wear and, over time, has perfectly combined the uniqueness of tailoring. Over time, it has divided the various visions and characteristics according to different labels. Customers therefore find themselves confronted with very different realities, marked above all by different targets with the common point of guaranteeing Made in Italy quality.

Weekend Line by Max Mara: the perfect collection for a weekend away

In 1983, Weekend by Max Mara was born, a specific line of clothing designed for short relaxing weekend trips. The MM Group creative team then specialized in creating garments suitable for moments of relaxation and outdoor activities, specific situations for each season. However, the elegance and simplicity that characterize the brand are always present.

Weekend by Max Mara has over time interpreted the Italian lifestyle, giving an authentic identity to its collections. The line does not only include clothing, but also includes accessories such as the iconic bag. It is a continuous expression between balance and contemporaneity. The sophisticated selection blends the informal spirit with the casual one, always with a touch of elegance and bon ton.

MAX & Co., The modern part of the Max Mara group

From the 80s another label belonging to the Max Mara group arrives. This is the MAX & Co. Line, a project with the main objective of dedicating a contemporary cut to the current collections. The ideal female customers of this branch of the brand see modernity as the key point of their style. The wardrobe of this label is constantly evolving and sees the woman move with agility between mundane and more casual events, maintaining the elegant characteristic of the reference brand.


Sportmax: innovazione del brand Max Mara


Sportmax, innovative and experimental tailoring line

Achille Maramotti personally created this branch of the brand. In fact, Sportmax incorporates the principles developed with dedication by the entire Max Mara group. The union of sartorial ability and innovative will gave birth to the Sportmax section. The peculiar feature is the desire to find combinations both between different fabrics and prints. The brand refers to overseas trends, experimenting with a type of clothing that was still left aside until then.

The sportwear tradition is therefore brought from the United States to Italy by combining sartorial knowledge with eclectic and creative overseas style. The creative idea of ​​the Sportmax line becomes innovative and emancipated, sees evolution as the key point of the brand. The iconic modernity combined with the creative flair have given life to a branch of the brand that is dedicated to a woman who wants to dare, to go beyond her borders but always remaining within the well-defined limits of high quality.


Marella and Penny Black, dynamic brands of the Max Mara group

Over the years Max Mara has conveyed more and more ideas of style and clothing, coming to delineate new boundaries by dedicating itself to different types of women. Marella is a line that revolves around a contemporary woman who is looking for glamorous but very classic garments. It is one of the most popular branches, precisely because it is able to involve a large slice of customers.

Penny Black has its origins in 1978 and sees a dynamic and functional woman. Elegance and quality certainly remain the cornerstones for the development of the dedicated collection, but it is proposed for a career woman, often in a hurry and attentive to a sober but impactful style. Penny Black is able to combine elegance with prints and geometries capable of claiming a refined and very well structured look. The last branch of the Max Mara group instead sees the Marina Rinaldi line. In memory of Achille Maramotti’s grandmother, this clothing reality finally gives voice to even the most abundant sizes. The strong point always remains the elegance, blended to perfection with comfort and quality of materials. The project of the Max Mara group never stops and is dedicated every day to looking for the best version of the contemporary woman.


J Berry: reference store to buy Sportmax

J Berry is one of the reference points for fashion nationwide. The store is also the spokesperson for Sportmax, a branch of the Max Mara brand which embodies the sports and streetwear version of the brand. Inspired overseas, the Sportmax line is made up of unique and high quality pieces. Examples are the double-breasted coat and the Canapa jacket, two products with a unique and inimitable style. J Berry makes his inclination recognized also thanks to garments such as the Paraggi shirt, with particular and contemporary prints.