Where to find and how to recognize an original Tory Burch

Tory Burch is one of the most famous brands on the fashion scene, born from the vision of the American designer of the same name during the New York Fashion Week in 2004. The future stylist, after a degree in art history and a brief experience in the fashion industry alongside the legendary Yugoslavian designer Zoran, began working steadily in the sector for giants such as Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren and Loewe.




The success of the boho-chic style: the story of Tory Burch

The experience acquired, the passion for fashion and the fine aesthetic sense demonstrated, lead her over the years to decide to create her own brand so as to give shape to her visions and on the occasion of the most awaited event in the sector, she opens her first store in famous Nolita district, in the center of the city that never sleeps.

Her aesthetic sense with a particular bohemian taste, with the addition of ethnic elements such as caftans and cardigans, immediately met the taste and appreciation of critics and colleagues, immediately becoming one of the new surprises in the sector (earning a mention from the famous Oprah Winfrey , definitive successful sentence). Initially focused solely on clothing and accessories, the brand rapidly expanded its offerings by entering the footwear market, launching flats that later became an instant-classic for women all over the world: the Reva flats (inspired by the name of the , still today his main inspiring muse).

Two years later, with the victory of the “Accessory Designer of the Year” award (obtained by overcoming “sacred monsters” of the sector such as Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors), the brand establishes its definitive in the history of fashion, standing as a model of the new fashion and female entrepreneurship.




Tory Burch: how to recognize the brand’s creations

Unfortunately, the success achieved also brings less positive consequences, first of all the spread of counterfeit goods. In fact, considering the very high demand for the brand’s items, it is absolutely no surprise that this is among the most counterfeited brands in the sector, so much so as to push the brand to launch a global program to fight against the unauthorized production and sale of goods counterfeit (with over 1200 fake sites disabled and in constant collaboration with the customs authorities and law enforcement agencies of many countries).

Identifying a fake at first glance, when it comes to Tory Burch, is unfortunately not so immediate. This is primarily due to the immense variety of products that the same brand offers, and secondly, many of its lines bear the Made in China brand (usually associated with counterfeiting) as they are produced and assembled in that country. The geographical indications of production and the essential details are therefore not the elements to evaluate if you want to be sure of the originality of a product.

In case you have the possibility to touch the product with your hand, pay attention to the quality of the leather (especially its smell) and the stitching. Another element to pay attention to are definitely the corners, Tory Burch bags have an anti-scratch texture that prevents the bag from wearing too much at the points of greatest contact. Finally, the name of the brand is always written using the sans serif uppercase font and is usually made of metal, subsequently applying it to the bag with thermal welding.




Where to find original Tory Burch products

The first, obvious, advice is certainly to go directly to the brand’s official boutiques or websites, this choice clearly represents the best choice to ensure the originality of the product, less so as regards the possibility of saving something.

In fact, if the brand has an enormous network of single-brand boutiques and retail outlet stores, it leaves something to be desired in terms of choice and savings in online purchases. In fact, Tory Burch does not have an outlet site and clearly the proposals on the main site are rarely discounted or at particularly advantageous prices; so let’s go and see a series of alternative options. A first option is to go to vintage shops or resellers and hope to find a second-hand item maintained in an optimal way, considering the quality usually found in these types of stores, it is not the one we would recommend. A second possibility, certainly more optimal, is to contact a recognized boutique with years of experience and business behind them. Discover the selection of Tory Burch items available on J Berry Alessandria and choose your favorite by shopping from the comfort of your home in complete safety.