Frenzlauer, storia di un brand internazionale

Frenzlauer is a completely Italian brand, born on the Tuscan hills in 2013 by the hand of Francesca Neri. The brand’s aspirations have always been to expand internationally, while maintaining a firm relationship with Italy, both in terms of design and inspiration.

Frenzlauer bags, a pragmatic and creative design

Frenzlauer bags have an instantly recognizable style. Very rigorous and at times impenetrable, but enriched with curves and details that make them inimitable. Each Frenzlauer bag is as if it speaks of its origins: the Tuscan curves combined with the buildings of Prenzaluer Berg. Francesca Neri, founder of the brand, decides to launch herself into the fashion world in 2013, experiencing a real dichotomy between Italy and Germany. This style is clearly visible in the aesthetics of the brand, divided between two well-divided souls, both rigorous but also that accompany the figure of the wearer.

The founder says she has always had a passion for fashion, but above all for entrepreneurship and therefore decided to study management engineering to be prepared for the moment when she would have applied both virtues. Fashion is in fact a very passing concept, at times complicated to put into practice in terms of work, while the management of a company is quite the opposite. The Frenzlauer brand was born for this from an eclectic and very creative mind, laying the foundations in the world of accessories. The use of a bag is in fact daily, it is an accessory that we all use and exploit to the maximum of potential. Entering the world of fashion starting from bags was therefore a valid method to make yourself known.

Frenzlauer, storia di un brand internazionale

Frenzlauer, a brand born from the eclectic mind of Francesca Neri

Francesca Neri’s creative mind immediately developed a certain rigor towards her brand. Fashion has always been a meeting point between the eclectic personalities of the designer and entrepreneur, who since childhood admired her mother’s style and appreciates its potential. Clean, elegant lines, always coordinated and with neutral colors, immediately formed it towards the main characteristics that we know today of Frenzlauer bags. Therefore, starting from an internship in a style office in Tuscany, she gained strength to finally be able to found her brand.

In addition to this source of inspiration, it is important to remember the obvious reference to the German homeland. In fact, the founder says she was struck by the architecture and characteristics of Prenzlauer Berg, a district of Berlin with buildings dating back to the Second World War and, above all, with a history of rebirth. It is in fact an impeccable example of gentrification, a reason for aggregation for young people and, above all, for fashion. The rigor and style of Germany have therefore definitively inspired the young Francesca who, having returned to Italy, began to seriously lay the foundations for the definitive opening of Frenzlauer, a brand that today we all appreciate and know.

Frenzlauer bags, architecturally inspired design

The explicit founder who in the course of her career has often had references to both design and architecture. Precise and very well arranged lines have therefore inevitably inspired the history of the whole brand. The brand was therefore founded in 2013 entirely in Italy, with the use of the highest quality materials coming for the most part from a leather shop in Veneto. It is the perfect combination of Made in Italy reality and creativity and European inspiration. Tuscany was the second source of inspiration for Francesca, not only thanks to the views, but also for the art and all the realities around.

The Italian reality is in fact full of love towards life and everyday life, each person expresses their vitality and genuineness, especially towards craftsmanship. The Frenzlauer brand is in fact based precisely on this give-and-take relationship which over time has also transformed into a growth path in the sales sector. At the beginning the brand decided to invest everything in online, which subsequently also led to forging collaborations with other brands and sites. At the moment Frenzlauer deals only with the creation and distribution of bags and accessories, but in the future it would also see an opening towards the world of fragrances.


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