Moorer, Made in Italy clothing

Made in Italy has always been a guarantee for the fashion sector, both in terms of clothing and footwear. In fact, it is an added value synonymous with quality and workmanship. Moorer is the perfect brand that embodies exactly all the characteristics of a garment produced and designed in Italy with the best selections of raw materials.

Moorer, jackets of the highest Italian manufacture

The Moorer company focuses particularly on the creation of clothing of the highest quality, selecting raw materials of the highest level and with an exceptional manufacture. Italian excellence is also contained in the creativity and talent of those who work for this type of high-level company. The comparison is therefore impeccable between a garment produced in Italy and one designed abroad. To date, the field of Italian fashion is still a reference point for the national economy. It is a real source of pride and that is why Moorer fully identifies with the Italian reality.

Moorer Verona is a company specialized in the design and creation of high quality clothing, focusing everything on the excellence of Made in Italy. This is a real and very courageous effort on the part of the brand, as the major competitors are focused on large-scale but very low quality production. The brand has recently inaugurated another store in Hong Kong, ideal for expanding its strategy and, above all, for claiming, once again, Italian excellence. One of the brand’s reference garments are down jackets, an internationally known luxury premium sector.


Moorer, abbigliamento Made in Italy


Moorer duvets, luxury quality excellence

The selective approach of the brand allows it to embrace a well-calibrated catchment area that appreciates the excellence of manufacturing and the attention to individual details. The clothing of the highest quality is in fact particularly approached from Southeast Asia, both in the versions for men and women. The Made in Italy certification is perfect for confirming the value of the product you are purchasing. It is in fact issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers. The taste of clothing provides an extremely contemporary audience attentive to tailoring quality and materials of the highest quality. The characteristics of a Made in Italy garment are three in particular: origin but also species and composition. Moorer duvets have a very specific filling coming from exclusively Siberian geese. The treatment of the materials and their origin are in fact essential for the success of an item of clothing.

The link with art defines the company as visionary and interesting at an international level, through a style that combines simplicity, quality and excellence of the materials. The products designed by Moorer perfectly embody what the brand wants to communicate: elegance and class in an even wider context. The strategic ideas of the brand are part of the real history of the brand, which has concentrated, over time, in seeking harmony of shapes and communication focused on the customer and their satisfaction. The jackets are a modern and extremely contemporary mix of an entire lifestyle universe. In addition, strong points are also knitwear, denim and accessories. Moorer’s concept is to focus on customers and customer satisfaction. The classic Moorer down jacket is in fact soft, light, resistant and elastic. These characteristics perfectly reflect the reality of Moorer clothing, loved for its lightness and quality of materials.


Moorer, abbigliamento Made in Italy


J Berry Alessandria, the perfect boutique to buy Moorer products

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