Moorer: Made in Italy quality jackets and coats

A Made in Italy outerwear represents an element of enormous value in the wardrobe of men and women who love fashion and elegance. The Italian fashion supply chain is in fact one of the most successful sectors in the country, the quality of its garments and the elegance of its style have always created trends followed by international fashion.

To protect this precious activity, it is absolutely necessary to avoid the race to the bottom with regard to production and resale prices, Moorer Verona well understands the importance of this concept and has spent some time to protect the excellence of Made in Italy in the world. . An effort as courageous as necessary that paid its sacrifices with the opening of a new store in Hong Kong.


Moorer: The guarantee of a Made in Italy certification

The exclusive positioning of the brand reaffirms its belonging to the luxury clothing category of the Moorer line, which focuses its style on a selective approach in choosing the cities that will host its stores precisely by virtue of its particularity. The store in Hong Kong, for example, is part of a commercial expansion strategy motivated by the great interest of the Asian market for the style of the brand, both for the classic line of outerwear and for the most modern proposals aimed at the women’s clothing sector. . The Made in Italy certification, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products, confirms the value of the brand and the products sold, the result of a unique and certified process that makes each Moorer garment an unrepeatable synthesis of stories, experiences and sensations. The link with art is emphasized on every occasion, a link that defines the company and its vision, expanding it through a style that combines balance and simplicity with the desire for uniqueness inherent in every woman who loves fashion and luxury clothing.




Moorer: High quality clothing for men and women

Moorer jackets represent the perfect union between a modern and fashionable aesthetic, and a production tradition with decades of experience, which harmoniously shape their shapes in an infinite search for beauty made manifest in every jacket, sweater or down jacket of the brand. A mix able to satisfy every customer, from the one with the most classic taste, looking for a jacket or coat with a traditional and recognizable cut, to more modern and innovative proposals without however betraying the identity of the brand and the traditional tailoring quality. of the brand. The essential characteristics, always present in every padded coat of the brand: origin, type and composition. Specifically, the goose down padding of Moorer outerwear comes from a very specific location: Siberia; the choice fell on this northern area due to the severe climatic conditions present there, which favor the growth of an animal feather with unparalleled thermal and insulating characteristics. Their size and consistency make the garment for which they are used incredibly soft and light, with optimal resistance and elastic recovery, characteristics which, combined with very high breathability and heat retention, make Moorer down jackets unique and inimitable.




Moorer: Where to buy the best items of the brand

Considering the exclusivity of the brand and its garments, it is really difficult to find such a sought-after brand in outlets and outlets or in any case at excessively low prices, without considering that being jackets in such demand it is very easy to run into non-original products or purchases that are not exactly safe. . The counterfeit market is in fact at an all-time high and it is therefore advisable to exercise caution and attention when considering such purchases. To be 100% sure, you can contact the brand’s store locator, which can be consulted on the brand’s official website, from there it will be possible to find the official Moorer store closest to you. The Moorer Factory Store, located in Cavalcaselle just outside Verona, is instead one of the best choices to try to find some items of the brand at a reduced price. Thanks to the large quantity of garments, even from past collections, and the great professionalism of the staff, it is certainly an opportunity to be evaluated for anyone in the area!

Alternatively, it is possible to request information from the numerous authorized retailers of the brand, high-end stores specialized in luxury and fashion clothing such as J Berry in Alessandria, a historic boutique in the Piedmontese city that boasts decades of experience in the selection and resale of clothing, footwear and accessories from the best luxury brands. Thanks to this experience, every year we carefully select the best garments of the brand to add them to the wide selection of clothing, footwear and accessories of the boutique, visit the selection on the site and renew your look for the new season on jberryalessandria.com!