Fay, how to recognize an original garment

The Fay brand began with the creative minds of Diego and Andrea Della Valle, still today the main pillars of the TOD’s group. The inspiration was born in the early 1980s from the work clothes of the Maine Fire Department. The potential of outerwear is immediately clear: especially at an entrepreneurial level. The birth of Fay is therefore due to a very simple intuition that allowed the introduction of the brand also in Italy. The very first type of clothing proposed was on a technical level, dedicated to specific categories of professionals. Shortly thereafter, everything began to take a different turn, especially for a company oriented, right from the start, to a well-defined entrepreneurial reality in the future.

Fay, from workwear to urban style

The brand, born from the passion for style and technical materials used by workers of various kinds, then declined its essence towards clothing that can be used in a purely urban environment. The collections therefore reinterpret the lines of the work jacket, transforming it into the full style of Fay for the city. The jacket becomes the iconic reference point of the brand, cult of the major European capitals and beyond. The most popular model is still the original Fay 5 ganci, a jacket reinterpreted over time and always loved by people of all ages.

The line of outerwear proposed is divided according to different styles and inspirations, especially in terms of use of the fabric. The elegance and quality of Made in Italy see the maximum expression in the Fay protocols, linked to our local artisan reality. The cult of attention to detail and almost maniacal attention to quality are fundamental points for the brand. The search for Fay does not stop: it is a constant path, ready to face new challenges and realities.



Fay, a guarantee of clothing completely Made in Italy

The brand, born from the entrepreneurial and creative ingenuity of two Italian minds, has handed down, in the course of its development, the ever-growing tradition of craftsmanship quality of Made in Italy. Innovative materials combine with timeless techniques to create and bring to market only the best products, suitable to satisfy a large scale of customers. Each jacket has very specific characteristics, which is why it is not easy to recognize the original garments from the counterfeit ones, especially if they are very well reproduced.

The Fay collections tell a story, they are part of a long process of research, design and study: it is not just a question of wearing a garment, but of enhancing its essence. People who love Fay are creative, dynamic, careful to live continuous adventures and not remain static. The finishes of such a quality brand do nothing but further enhance the person who wears that particular garment. The urban style therefore blends perfectly with the traditional elegance of Made in Italy craftsmanship.


Fay 4 original hooks, characteristics of a timeless garment

The iconic 4 Ganci jacket has seen many style changes over time. Currently the men’s version has, for example, a specific treatment to give a deliberately vintage effect to the garment. The flap pockets, just like the aerator eyelets under the armhole, are characteristic and essential elements of the outerwear. The model has, over time, been loved by men of all ages. Italians in love and passionate about American culture, ready to embrace its design in full respect of the completely Italian artisan quality.

The brand has always focused on giving character to the products designed and placed on the market, which is why quality is one of the cornerstones of the company. Attention is not only based on the balance between dynamism and creativity, but also on the needs presented by customers. Wearing a versatile and dynamic garment is the basis for feeling comfortable and fully valued. Fay garments accompany the person in their daily life, confirming their characteristics every single day.



Fay jacket, how to recognize its originality

The 4 ganci Fay coat has always been one of the most loved of the collections, a true symbol of the brand. It is an item of clothing also appreciated by the jet set with prominent personalities such as Gianni Agnelli or Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. It is one of the first garments to be unisex and to collect such a wide-ranging consensus. Despite this, the brand has decided, over the years, to propose a female version of the garment, with specific versions for each season of the year.

The first method to recognize an original Fay jacket is to make sure it has the hook in four reinforced suede applications and the double closure with automatic buttons. The original model is in cotton canvas, flanked by a special label. In the vintage model, on the other hand, it is good to check that the pockets are in maxi format with a flap and vertical zip. The main distinguishing point for not being fooled is certainly to make sure that the label is in cardboard and applied with a cord on the red fabric tape. The label is exactly identical to the one applied on the back lining of the coat with an elegant hand-sewn label. Recognizing an original garment is certainly not easy, but the quality of the materials and seams are a fundamental point in order not to fall into deception.


J Berry Alessandria, a point of reference for the Fay brand

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