Stone Island, qualitative excellence of men’s clothing

Stone Island is one of the best brands internationally. Leader in the men’s clothing sector, it is a guarantee for customers looking for quality and an innovative aesthetic principle.


Stone Island, experimentation and innovative design

The Italian brand sees as its main force the continuous experimentation at the level of fabrics and materials used. The items of clothing presented in fact aim at functionality and high quality. Of course, one of the key principles of the brand is certainly a refined aesthetic, but this is not the first goal to be achieved. At the moment, Stone Island is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world. In fact, it focuses attention on textile research. The boundaries of technology are thus moved towards the creation of products that hardly see such an innovative and particular design in other brands.



Stone Island, the brand with unique characteristics

The average customer of the Stone Island brand looks for quality and dedication, unique characteristics that it manages to provide. The origins of the brand are in fact Italian and see Carlo Rivetti as president and creative director of Sportswear Company S.p.a. Together with his family, he is one of the pioneers in the production and distribution of designer clothes by designers such as Ungaro, Valentino and Armani. Rivetti can be considered as a pioneer of the birth of Made in Italy. Meanwhile, the creative genius of the designer Massimo Osti invents the Tela Stella, a fabric that from then on will be used for a collection of 7 jackets. The Stone Island brand has been dedicated to innovation and creativity since its first appearance on the market. Rivetti and Osti then sign a partnership and launch the first Stone Island Ice Jacket on the market, whose color changes from time to time according to the temperature.


Stone Island’s corporate strategy

In the 1990s Rivetti took over all the activities of the personal family business, renaming the group to Sportswear Company S.p.a. and in the meantime Osti gives way to designer Paul Harvey. In fact, he signs in 24 new collections, but, to date, the brand sees Carlo Rivetti at the helm flanked by a team of creatives and not just a single designer. Stone Island has demonstrated, from the very beginning, an organizational effectiveness for a continuous innovation of a creation of timeless garments. The certainty of the brand is based on a team of professionals, completely Made in Italy, which since its inception, has focused all its energies on quality and innovation.



Stone Island, a guarantee of quality and timeless trends

Fashion as we all know is very vulnerable, but Stone Island remains a real certainty on a global level. The innovation of design and creative choices see the maximum expression in the collections. The garments are produced with the highest quality raw materials, advanced technology, functionality and fashion. The clothing proposed by the brand is absolutely timeless and forms the basis for a complete and qualitatively excellent wardrobe. The corporate culture is in fact based on the uniqueness of each garment and the related research. Even corporate marketing choices are the basis of innovation and denote important and thoughtful choices. The brand deliberately chooses to avoid catwalks and presentations while remaining faithful to two collections per year.

Exclusive products for a selected clientele

The marketing strategies carried out by the brand have been widely appreciated, especially by the most close-knit customers. Stone Island has a very well-selected client base that also sees big names peeping out as supporters of the brand. Think for example of Drake or Oasis. Over the years, the brand has always known how to positively distinguish itself, both among customers and companies. True lovers appreciate every move of Stone Island, appreciating the value and excellence expressed in the quality of jackets, trousers, knitwear, but also sweatshirts and accessories.

J Berry, the reference point for buying Stone Island

Buying a clothing line without running into fake products is certainly not easy. J Berry is the trusted point where you can find the best brands in the world, including Stone Island. J Berry aims only at the best brands on the market, and the choice to include the Italian brand in its range of clothing proposals is an explanation of the long-term qualitative objective.